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Learning that Lasts a Lifetime

Educators, have you ever wanted to immerse yourself and your students deeply into a community to engage in active learning...but you don't have the time to put a group trip together?

Now you can stop talking about it and do it? Global Academic Adventures offers in-depth cultural tours where learning is fun and memorable. We make it easy to have your dreams come true with expert planning and the best local community contacts!!

Your Academic and Cultural Tour Planning Experts
Our mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive and complete academic travel planning services so that you can have the adventure of a lifetime that is exciting, culturally in depth, comfortable, and worry-free.

The most unique aspect of our services are two-fold: One, we have years of experience in countries and local communities you will visit. This depth of experience has provided us with many friends who are nationally and internationally known for their music, dance, art, community work and intellectual contributions.

Thus, you are able to quickly and efficiently go in depth into the community and experience the culture with experts who have a great respect for their collective traditions. Two, we offer adventures for teachers who want to take their classes abroad to enhance their curriculum. Tell us your interest and we can tailor a trip to satisfy your educational adventure beyond your expectations.

Services We Offer

1) Organize study abroad itinerary for teachers wishing to develop study abroad programs;
2) Develop global curriculum for educators and assist them in implementing that curriculum;
3) Create immersion experiences abroad for scholars doing research abroad in countries they need contacts in;
4) Create study abroad experiences for graduate and undergraduate students who are receiving credit to go abroad; and
5) Offer cultural immersion experiences for non-profit organizations that focus on education and the development of youth.

Promoting Culturally and Environmentally Conscious Travel

Our tours are purposeful in supporting locally owned hotels, guides, producers of culture and the environment. Along the way you will learn about how to travel in a manner that supports your sustainability and community empowerment beliefs.